This is My Kitchen.

"LMC Kitchens was the fourth estimate I had to redo my kitchen. I immediately knew from the questions Larry asked me, that he was paying close attention to what I had to say. A good sign. Secondly, he had no hesitation in suggesting that I could save a bit of money if I did something a little differently and it was a great idea. That was even better!

The whole project went smoothly and was precisely on time. I felt totally comfortable in making decisions with Larry's critical eye keeping me on track and on schedule. The part about my kitchen that is absolutely the best, is that it has been now over a year since it was finished and I wouldn't change or do one thing differently! The workmanship is excellent, the function is excellent and both my husband and myself absolutely love it. Definitely a job well done! I have and do recommend this company 100% for quality, workmanship, & their price".
SB /Cypress Ave./ Beaconsfield/ 2008